Home for the Holidays

I am currently in the middle of a big painting project which I can’t wait to reveal but today I found a bunch of photos I took of our house all dolled up for the holidays and I thought I would share. I’m not into decorating for every holiday on the calendar. I kind of think some holidays are corny to decorate for like Valentines Day and the 4th of July. I may attempt to decorate for these holidays in the future and put my own modern and simple take on them but for now I really just get excited about decorating for the big 3- Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. And get excited is an understatement. I have to try very hard to not jump the gun and put up my Christmas decor in October. I gravitate towards a more homey and traditional style of decorating for the holidays. I enjoy classic textures and colors like red and gold and a vibe that makes you want to kick off your shoes and curl up by the fire with a cable knit throw blanket and a good book. Mmm, yeah. Everyone is different and I totally love looking at more modern Christmas decor but in the end it’s just not me.

This year was the first year I have year had a wreath. For some reason I have never had one in the past and then somehow this year I had three! I have looked for some before and never quite found what I was looking for. I like wreaths that are simple, a bit modern in the greenery used, and ones that can be used year after year as opposed to fresh wreaths that tend to shed and are trash after New Years. I have always wanted to hang a wreath on that mirror and this year I finally did it and loved the way it looked throughout the month! It is a fresh bay leaf wreath that dries and can be used in subsequent years if stored properly.



I added a few different throw pillows to the couch and we moved the arm chair over here to the main seating area to make room for the tree back by my computer armoire.  We liked this arrangement so much that we have kept the chair here since the holidays and decided to use the area where it used to be as a craft/homework table area for the kids.


I added little touches of holiday decor throughout the house but kept it simple and followed the color scheme of each room.

20121217-333X4556 20121217-333X4559 20121217-333X456020121217-333X458220121217-333X4586

These snowflakes came with some ornaments from Ikea and I though I would just toss them but then realized the girls would love this “snow storm” in our dining room.


Our tree is very classic with homemade ornaments and a mix of colors and textures. This year I added the three yarn ball garlands from Target and I love how they completed the traditional feel.



Every year our stash of Christmas decorations grows and I get more jazzed about using them for months before. It’s mt favorite time of year and I love making my home celebrate it with me.



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Sharing the adventures of raising three daughters, owning our first and forever home, and working in our dream careers. Our life is a roller coaster of many ups and downs and we are here to share the highs, the lows, and everything in between!

One response to “Home for the Holidays”

  1. Diane says :

    I love the lanterns! I’m so stealing that one. Thanks!

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