Another use for books


I saw this wreath on one of my favorite decorating sites and fell in love. Something about the modern twist on a traditional wreath paired with the old book pages for an antique feel had me at hello. Then I recently went to a client’s house for a newborn photo session and to my surprise- she had made the exact same wreath! Seeing it in person made me even more determined to make one of my own. The texture, color, and size made it such a statement piece but yet, still neutral enough to fit in my dining room. And bonus- I already had everything I needed to pull it off except an old book I didn’t mind tearing up! If only I had thought to do this before I took that huge box of old books to Good Will during our move:(. No matter, I picked up two books at Good Will for under $5 and I was set. Why two books? Because I wanted two different sized pages, larger for the outer wreath and smaller for the inner-wreath.



I won’t go into super detail about how I made it. There are a ton of great tutorials online and a variety of ways to make a book page wreath. Here are some of the tutorials I got tips from but in the end I just winged it. Tutorial and Tutorial.


I can’t decide if this will be a piece I keep up all year long or if the wreath nature of it makes it a Christmastime decoration. Either way- I am smitten with the result and it makes me want to make more things out of book pages.


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