Gettin’ Busy

Yes, this post is about the master bedroom, but get your mind out of the gutter! We are going to talk about window treatments, not- well, you know…
Our master bedroom has never been a room I spent a lot of time coordinating and decorating. It is the room of our house that has always been the least viewed by the general public so it was not usually at the forefront of my to-do list. I also struggle a great deal with things like bedding and window treatments. I am SO not gifted at mixing and matching patterns and textures for that eclectic, homey, lived in but wonderfully coordinated look. I steal ideas from decorating blogs so you would think I know what I’m doing but when it comes to pulling the trigger and picking out fabrics or duvets….well, let’s be real, I suck. I also couldn’t usually tell you what I want or what I like- I just have to see it to know if I love it or hate it. That is what happened last year when I saw this blog post on one of my favorite decorating blogs. I knew instantly I loved that gray trellis bedding.

After that the room came together all on it’s own over the last year. I scored the porcelain blue lamps on craigslist, the bedside table industrial lamps I found at Homegoods, the blue pick-a-stitch quilt is Pottery Barn, the blue throw pillows are from Homegoods as well, and the bench is something I found at Goodwill and plan on reupholstering in the future. Most of the furniture is Ikea and I can’t wait to someday get something more sturdy and “grown-up”. As we have moved into this house I have been surprised by how well everything has fit and worked in this new house. I am loving the way that our master bedroom is coming together and I can’t wait to paint this room and figure out a bed frame or some kind of upholstered headboard in the future!

This last weekend I crossed something off my to-do list by putting up window treatments in our bedroom. We have never, and I mean NEVER, had any kind of window treatment in our bedroom in any of the 5 places we have lived since getting married. It never made sense to put them up since we didn’t know how long we would be staying. So I was thrilled to finally put up curtains in my bedroom, and this time they are one of the first window treatments to go up, not the last!

I have had four of these bamboo roman shades for over three years now. I can’t remember how they came to be mine but I never had the right window to put them on, so they have been hidden away in a closet for years. I walked around our new house with one of them after we moved in thinking about where they might look good in this house and then when I held them up in our bedroom I knew just what I wanted to do. Inspired by another one of my favorite decorating bloggers, I did this window treatment and I am in love with it! We already had everything we needed except a curtain rod which I quickly ran out for over the weekend and got on the cheap from Target. The curtains are from Ikea($9.99/ a set of two!) and used to live in the living room of our old house.


So our bedroom is really making me grin ear to ear these days as I walk by and see the coordinated bedding, the lovely window treatments, and the soft relaxing colors and patterns. It’s quickly becoming one of my favorite rooms in the house! Now for some paint on the walls and I am totally stumped. Gray? Blue? I would love some suggestions!!!!


About Meghan MacAskill

Sharing the adventures of raising three daughters, owning our first and forever home, and working in our dream careers. Our life is a roller coaster of many ups and downs and we are here to share the highs, the lows, and everything in between!

3 responses to “Gettin’ Busy”

  1. Tierney says :

    What a fabulous room! I love the blue pillows on the bed, and the window treatments are gorgeous! You can decorate my house anytime 🙂

  2. Mom says :

    So pretty, Meg! I think la light blue would be pretty, but then your blue accents wouldn’t “pop”. So maybe a light grey with blue undertones.

  3. antiquatedfamilyvalues says :

    Meghan!!! Do this to your bedroom!

    mock Board and Batten with a gray or a blue-gray up top!

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