Moving in

Moving is one of my least favorite things EVER! However, the silver lining to moving is that delicious feeling you get when everything is new and exciting in your new home. You get to choose where things go for the first time. The cabinets are empty waiting to be filled with whatever you decide will live there permanently. Everything is organized, deep-cleaned, and free from clutter(all the real clutter will remain in boxes in the garage for the next six months while you pretend you are so organized). I love the smell of new paint and the daily brainstorming about what changes we will make over the years to this house.

Still, moving day(week? months?) hit us hard. As opposed to past moves where it was just Mark and I, and the two moves with Reese along for the ride, this move proved to me how much stuff you accumulate when you have a growing family and you stay in one place for more than 18 months. Shuttling over carload after carload of our crap confirmed to Mark and I both that our life needs to be less cluttered and more minimalist. We’ll see how long that mentality lasts.:) Never has it felt so good to take multiple trips to GoodWill and dump all our ill-conceived trinkets and gadgets at their door.

It took two full days while my Mother-In-Law cared for our children to make the big push moving all our furniture and larger items over and beginning to unpack enough to live in our new house. And when it was all over our family room looks like this:

We spent 5 glorious relaxing interesting days in our new home trying to gain some semblance of order before hitting the road for a 12-hour car trip to Park City Utah for Mark’s Company retreat. Normally I would have hated leaving my house in such a disaster but this time I was actually kind of relieved to leave it all behind for a bit. We enjoyed our trip but after 7 days we were both excited to come home and had had enough distance from the house to forget just how disastrous it really was.

So now we are home, digging in for the long haul and beginning to dream of solar tubes and turf(Mark)/grass(Me) situations. Many of the rooms in our house are still sporting boxes as a new decorating fad but one room that is completely box-free is the kitchen so I actually photographed it. Yay me!






What’s new? Well, it’s possible that gorgeous stainless steel monstrosity is a recent addition. Upon entering our new home minutes after receiving our keys, we stopped dead in our tracks when we realized the old owners had taken the fridge. Why would we assume they were leaving it behind? Well, call us crazy but we are new at this home-buying things and a fridge(especially and old one like it was) seemed like a pretty silly thing to take with you. We rushed to our realtor to complain but she reread our contract and it said nothing of the fridge being included in the sale price of the home. Yeah. So that happened….

Truth: I’m only a little sad they took the fridge. 🙂

Also new- on our first day after getting our keys someone had the nerve to invite over Mark’s brother. When we walked through the house with him and pointed out things I wanted to change he boldly took that as orders to fix/change said things. Down came the drop ceiling in the kitchen with horrible plastic panels hiding five florescent light fixtures. This made me pretty excited…until I realized we had not thought this through and had no solution to the exposed florescent light fixtures. So there they remain until we decide to hire an electrician to come in and wire us some new lighting. The kitchen does feel a whole heck of a lot airier and bigger without those low ceilings though! And on the plus side- the company we hired to patch and paint our ceilings after the popcorn was removed could then patch and paint this ceiling at the same time. So all is well that ends well.

We had the kitchen painted a nice airy blue which I love. The kitchen is quite a bit larger than our old one but in some ways feels smaller due to the smaller upper cabinets and lack of pantry so storage space is limited. Someday I would love for us to knock out that drop ceiling above the cabinets so we can put in cabinets up to the ceiling to take full advantage of the space. I don’t love the honey colored cabinets but I can live with them for awhile until I wear Mark down and he agrees to let me paint them. Love ya honey!

So that’s it for now. Believe me, I have a million and one ideas swirling around my brain every time I walk through my house so there will be many changes to come in the future I’m sure!


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Sharing the adventures of raising three daughters, owning our first and forever home, and working in our dream careers. Our life is a roller coaster of many ups and downs and we are here to share the highs, the lows, and everything in between!

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